Have you heard conflicting advice about your diabetes diet plan?  Are you following the latest fad diet for weight loss?

Di specialises in diabetes weight management and can help you with your diabetes weight loss plan.

It's important to seek advice from a qualified dietitian (yes you can spell it dietician too!) and get the correct advice YOU need whether it be for diabetes or weight loss or an individually tailored diet plan for another diet related health problem.
Di will work with you to develop the most effective diet / health plan, whether it be for weight loss or diabetes management.              

 "Di the Dietitian" can be located at 
  • Dietitian Northern Beaches
  • Dietitian St Leonards
  • Dietitian Newtown
Do you have trouble managing your Weight because you are not organized?  Do you need assistance with Meal Planning? Preparing a shopping list? Believe it or not this will take alot of the stress out of your week!  Let me show you how this is done.... and quite simply!

DIET and MENTAL HEALTH - Can you improve the quality of your diet to decrease your risk of developing mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety? Or if  you have anxiety and depression, can you change your diet to improve your mental health? Diet effects brain function - your ability to learn, remember and study.  Find out how you can make positive dietary changes to improve not only your physical health but so very importantly, your mental health as well.
Type 1 Diabetes?  Do you know how to Carb Count and adjust insulin doses according to carbs, protein and fat intake?  Insulin Pump ? Mutiple Daily Injections? Either way you can get better control with dietary education!  GI - Glycaemic Index of carbs can also make a difference! It may be years since diagnosis and time for an update??? 

I am extremely interested in the area of GUT HEALTH  and believe there are easy ways to include Pre biotic fibre and Pro biotic foods to increase the diversity  and health or our gut bacteria - our  microbiome  !  Book today and find out how!
A qualified Dietitian here in Australia is called an Accredited Practising Dietitian.

PCOS? If you suspect your daughter or maybe yourself has PCOS, it's so important that you are assessed properly by an endocrinologist and educated by a dietitian who understands PCOS. I can help!